Menu: Balti Meals

Served with a free plain naan bread. Balti dishes are made with freshly blended spices, tomatoes, green peppers and onion and flavoured with herbs

Balti Bhuna

In medium, delicious gravy

Balti Jalfrezi

In spicy sauce with fresh chilli

Balti Rogon

With extra fried tomatoes

Balti Garlic Chilli Chicken

Spicy with extra chillies and garlic


Balti Chicken Tikka Massala

Rich, mild sauce


Mix Balti Special

Chicken, lamb and prawns in a rich, spicy aromatic sauce



Balti Patia

Hot, spicy and sweet

Balti Chana Aloo

Chickpeas and potatoes



Balti Aloo Gobhi

Cauliflower and potatoes



Balti Saag Aloo

Juicy spinach and potatoes



Balti Vegetable Curry

Delicately spiced, medium strength