Our security measures

We take the security of your information very seriously. To that end, we have employed industry best practice safeguards on this site to ensure that online ordering on this site is safe. These include:—

SSL & Encryption

All personal information that you enter via this site is private and secure. We encrypt any personal information you have entered using SSL Security before transmitting over the Internet to our servers. Hence, all the data that you send through, including your name, address & card details, is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology and, in the extremely unlikely event that the data should be intercepted, it would be extremely difficult to decipher.

Encryption works by scrambling words and numbers before they travel across the Internet so they can't be read or altered. Every time you enter an area of the site that carries or requires sensitive information such as your credit card details, the Internet Address you are visiting will change to "https:" and an icon resembling a padlock will appear somewhere your browser window. These combined events are an indication that the site is secure.

Credit/Debit Cards

It's safe to use credit/debit cards on this site. We check the authenticity of the credit card details and we encrypt all the details and only use them to send the transaction to our card processing company, Secure Trading. The card details are not shared with the Restaurant. Always remember that, as a precaution, you should never send credit/debit card details via standard email as this is not secure. In the unlikely event of unauthorised card use, please be sure to contact your card issuer immediately as per your contractual arrangement with them. Provided you have informed your card issuer promptly of any unauthorised use, loss or theft, most card issuers either completely cover the charges that result or will significantly limit your liability.


We employ firewalls in front of our servers. A firewall is a combination of hardware and software deployed to control the information that can pass from the Internet into our internal systems and servers. Firewalls enforce a set of rules intended to bar intruders gaining access to services on our servers.


We monitor our systems for evidence of attempted break-ins.

Automatic session logout

We will automatically log you out on this website after your session has been inactive for 15 minutes. The automatic logout is intended to protect your account information from passers by if you leave your computer unattended. Once logged out, you will need to provide your password again to proceed.

CSC Code Re-entry

Even though your basic card details are stored securely, we require you to re-enter the 3 digit Card Security Code on the back of your Credit or Debit Card — each time you order. This adds another level of security to your transaction.